Atlas Quant Fund

Atlas Quant Fund

CySec - Registered Alternative Investment Fund

Cleartrust Atlas Quant Fund (AQF), powered by Cleartrust, deploys a hybrid model of Active Portfolio Management, Data Science & Modern Technology (Quantamental Investing). The Fund combines Expert Human Skill, Big Data Analytics, Quantitative Techniques and Artificial Intelligence to identify new investment opportunities and best position itself to finding alpha in the most cost-effective manner.

By leveraging the power of high-end technology, AQF implements a quantitative absolute return investment strategy which is uncorrelated with the macroeconomic environment. This investment strategy enables the Fund to seize any opportunities which can provide its Investors High Returns (Optimized Upside) with Less Risk (Minimized Drawdown).

Minimum investment amount: $125,000.

Atlas Quant Fund


  • Haris Stavrinides
    Haris Stavrinides
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Karim Naar
    Karim Naar
    Portfolio Manager
Cleartrust Atlas Quant Fund

Investment Objective and Policy

The Portfolio Manager invests on behalf of the clients / the Investors of the Fund, with attractive returns over the short to medium term by investing the Fund’s raised capital in equity derivatives, mainly OTC CFDs on Equities. The external manager of the fund, analyses large amounts of Market Data as part of a “big data” approach. Proprietary software programs are used to assess and filter the data volumes. Combined with other information, trade signals are triggered. These trade signals form the basis of the investment decision made by the portfolio managers for the investment of the Fund. As a rule, the Fund will invest 100% of its assets in OTC CFDs on Equities.

About the fund:

Cysec regulated alternative investment fund

Absolute return strategy

Aims to achieve above market capital growth - NOTE: such forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Strategy based on a big data analysis model

Signals received from state-of-the-art proprietary software

Built in robust portfolio & risk management

Cleartrust Atlas Quant Fund

Investment Strategy

The Fund aims to implement a quantitative absolute return investment strategy, which is uncorrelated with the macroeconomic environment, by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis to generate signals of stocks that have the high potential to build a price momentum over a short period of time and will enable it to seize any opportunities that can provide to its Investors high returns (Optimized Upside) with less risk (Minimized Drawdown).
About the strategy:

Micro analysis: optimize upside – maximize returns

Macro & sector view of market : barometer – optimize time of entry

The fund minimizes losses in downturns

Big data analysis: 10 stock markets / 28,000 stocks

Returns compound at a higher rate than other funds that tolerate high losses

Manages successfully event risk and extreme risk