Best Execution Policy


We offer a proprietary computerized routing algorithm which is designed to optimize both speed and price of execution by continuously scanning competing execution venues and automatically seeking to route the order to the best venue. Clients may select this routing based upon two criteria, the first being the most favourable price, and the second the most favourable price after taking into consideration execution costs.

We also give the opportunity to clients to directly route their order to the order book of a particular venue of their choice. In either case, the firm follows the guidelines as per its “best execution” policy.

Best Execution Policy

Execution Venues

We provide clients with direct access to a number of execution venues which have been selected based upon the level of relevance they maintain within their particular region in addition to factors such as product breadth, liquidity, electronic access, costs,speed and likelihood of settlement.

These considerations, in the aggregate, are intended to provide a range of execution venues most likely to provide clients with best executions. While these venues will typically fall into the classification of Regulated Markets, they may also include other exchanges, Multilateral Trading Facilities, Systemic Internalisers, and third-party investment firms, brokers and/or affiliates acting as a market maker or liquidity provider.

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Best Execution Policy

Monitoring & Review

We will monitor the effectiveness of this order execution policy to identify and, when applicable, correct any deficiencies.

A review of the policy will be conducted at least annually or whenever a material change takes place to ensure that client orders continue to obtain the best possible results. We will notify clients of any material changes to this order execution policy.

Best Execution Policy

Important Notice for Best Execution

It should be noted that we can not and do not warrant or guarantee that every Retail client order will be executed at the best posted price.

Among other things:
(a) Emporium Capital K.A Limited may not have access to every market at which a particular product may trade;
(b) other orders may trade ahead of a client’s order and exhaust available volume at a posted price;
(c) execution venues or market makers may fail to honor their posted prices;
(d) execution venues may re-route client orders out of automated execution systems for manual handling (in which case, execution or representation of a client’s order may be substantially delayed); or
(e) execution venue Rules or decisions or systems delays or failures may prevent a client’s order from being executed, may cause a delay in the execution of a client’s order, or may cause a Retail client’s order not to be executed at the best posted price.

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